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The Composite Panel Association offers educational outreach to a variety of audiences including architects, designers, and specifiers, processors, downstream users, distributors and consumers.  Educational messages are delivered through trade fair exhibits, presentations, continuing education units, and webinars. 

The association publishes various promotional materials to increase the awareness and use of industry products to a wide variety of audiences such as the positive environmental attributes, design capabilities, product innovations and versatility of products made with composite panels and complimentary decorative surfaces. 

Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide provides the most comprehensive product information available about North American wood-based composite panels and decorative surfacing products.  The Guide includes in-depth product descriptions as well as listings of standard and specialty products available.

CEU Programs

CPA is an approved provider of Continuing Education Courses for the American Institute of Architects.  CPA has developed courses for architects and designers to learn about the benefits of sourcing wood-based composite panels and decorative surfaces.  

CPA Store

Over 40 publications are offered through the association including fact sheets, technical bulletins,  ANSI standards, industry performance data along with other educational materials on the use of industry products.  

Technical Bulletins

CPA publishes a number of Technical Bulletins offering in-depth information of the properties and proper usage of composite panel products.

Member Resources

CPA staff and committees create and curate additional resources for members and the public to review and disseminate to customers.

Industry Reports

CPA compiles and publishes the most definitive industry performance reports on wood-based composite panels produced in North America. Monthly and annual reports provide data on industry shipment and downstream market activity of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, hardboard engineered wood siding and trim and thermally fused melamine as well as mill-specific safety performance. 

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