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The Composite Panel Association compiles and publishes the most definitive industry performance reports on wood-based composite panels produced in North America. Monthly and annual reports provide data on industry shipment and downstream market activity of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, hardboard, engineered wood siding and trim and thermally fused melamine as well as mill-specific safety performance. For questions about CPA’s Industry Economic Reports, please contact us.

These reports have restricted access for CPA members only and will require a login. If you are a member and need a login, please request a password.

Monthly Reports

Industry Snapshot

This report includes shipment and capacity data provided directly from producing member companies to provide current industry capacity utilization rates and 10-year historical shipment comparisons for particleboard and MDF. Shipments are extrapolated based on overall data received from 97% of the total manufacturing capacity of CPA members in North America.

TFL Monthly Shipments

The Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Shipments Report compares monthly and yearly shipment and capacity utilization data of companies collectively representing 86% of industry lamination capacity in the US and Canada.


The Safety Report offers monthly and year-to-date incidence rates by CPA member plants. OSHA considers an incident (i.e. an injury or illness) to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing injury or illness. The plants included in the Safety Report are listed in order of increasing year-to-date incidence rates. Access is restricted to members submitting safety data.

Annual Reports

North American Capacity Report

The North American Capacity Report summarizes the active production capacity of particleboard, MDF, hardboard and engineered wood siding and trim plants in North America, as reported by producers. The annual report also provides a listing of plants scheduled to expand, new facilities slated to open and plant closures (either intact and capable of being restarted or permanently closed and dismantled).

North American Shipments and Downstream Market Report

The North American Shipments and Downstream Market Report is published annually for the wood-based particleboard, medium density fiberboard, hardboard and engineered wood siding and trim industries in the US and Canada. It includes data from manufacturing operations that use multi-opening and continuous presses, raised panel platen presses and extrusion technology. The report analyzes composite panel shipments by substrate type, thickness category, value added category by country of origin, and much more.

TFL Annual Shipments

The Thermally Fused Laminate Shipments Report is the only industry report providing detailed information on TFL lamination (previously called thermally fused melamine or TFM) of composite panel substrates in the US and Canada. This report summarizes data on a calendar-year basis for shipments. Participating companies collectively represent 86% of industry lamination capacity. Non-participant data is based on estimated capacity and the overall capacity utilization among participants. A North American map is included in this report showing locations of TFL manufacturing facilities.

Additional Information

Map: North American
Composite Panel Manufacturers

A map of the North American composite panel manufacturing facilities is also integrated into the report. The map is also available in the annual CPA North American Capacity Report.

Particleboard and MDF Commentary

The Commentary is published by Fastmarkets RISI monthly and permits the CPA to re-publish the Commentary on a quarterly basis as a benefit to members and includes economic analysis of the North American Particleboard and MDF Markets.

Composite Panel
Industry Economic Report

The “Economic Impact of US and Canadian Composite Panel Mills” report was published by Forest Economic Advisors (FEA) in September 2016. Funded by CPA, the report details the direct, indirect and induced economic impacts of CPA-member composite panel manufacturing mills in the US and Canada for 2015.

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