U.S. Furniture and Retail Sales Estimates Mixed in November

Seasonally adjusted advance estimates of furniture and home furnishing retail sales in November rose 3.7% over the same month in 2019 to $10.3 billion, but shrunk 1.1% from October. Building material and garden equipment and supplies sales totaled a seasonally adjusted estimate of $38.3 billion, up 18.7% from October and 17.2% higher than November 2019.

Furniture and home furnishings retail along with building materials are among the components that comprise the overall U.S. retail and food services sales as compiled by the Census Bureau.  In November, U.S. retail and food services were estimated to be $546.5 billion, dipping 1.1% from October but up 4.1% from the year-ago period. See U.S. Census Bureau

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