TSCA Title VI Hits Milestone Date

As of Friday, June 1, manufacturers around the world are now required to import and sell in the U.S. only CARB or TSCA Title VI third-party certified composite wood panels or finished products made with certified panels.  This major milestone ensures that all panels and finished goods made with composite wood sold in the U.S. meet the stringent CARB/TSCA Title VI emissions limits and other requirements, such as recordkeeping and labeling.  Notably, over two-thirds of North American mills are already TSCA Title VI certified, reflecting the level of preparedness thanks to many years of voluntarily complying with the CARB-2 requirements for all 50 states.  This is good news for finished product manufacturers, who have the assurance that they can manage inventories well before the March 22, 2019 deadline for CARB reciprocity.

CPA’s Jackson Morrill has provided comment to several news outlets that requested an industry perspective on this June 1 milestone.  In addition, CPA has prepared and posted a media statement on its web page.  See EarthjusticePublic News Service and CPA Statement.  More Info: Jackson Morrill

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