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The Composite Panel Association is pleased to offer testing services through the International Testing Center (ITC) in Leesburg, Virginia. The independent testing laboratory provides formaldehyde and physical/mechanical property testing for particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and comparable products.  Formaldehyde emission testing is a primary focus in the laboratory.

CPA has over two decades of formaldehyde testing experience, and has earned the recognition of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), major building codes, and the composite panel industry as a reliable source of data. The lab operates three large chambers, six small chambers and accompanying conditioning room providing the capacity to offer customers timely test results. The 5,500 square foot facility has been engineered with today’s ultra low emitting products in mind.

The ITC has the following testing capabilities:  

  • Three Large Chambers; ASTM E1333  

  • Six Small Chambers; ASTM D6007

  • Desiccator; ASTM D5582

  • Linear Expansion Testing 50% and 80% Relative Humidity (RH) Conditions; ASTM D1037, ANSI A208.1

  • For a complete list see, ITC Test Procedures

For questions about the ITC's testing and laboratory services, please call (703) 724-1128, Ext. 296.

The ITC strives to provide excellent customer service.  If you would like to comment on the services you received, email Lab Customer Feedback or use the form below. 

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You may also send your feedback directly to CPA, using one of the following options:
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Postal Mail: 19465 Deerfield Ave, Suite 306, Leesburg, VA 20176


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