Social Media Influencer Promotes Composite Panels and Decorative Surfaces

CPA has partnered with blogger and DIY enthusiast Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators to create an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blog post sharing first-hand experiences working with composite panels and decorative surfaces. Social media influencers are an important tool to supplement or compliment traditional product market promotion. Influencers have the benefit of being an independent and credible third-party source of information on the benefits of featured products.

The February 8 Instagram post highlighted several finished DIY projects using composite panels and decorative surfaces which were noted to be among Rambling Renovators’ favorite materials. The Instagram post links to Rambling Renovators’ blog which gives background on the benefits of using composite panels for home improvement and renovation projects and directs readers to CPA’s website product pages for more information. Jennifer Flores is based in Canada and has over 14,000 followers on Instagram. Members are encouraged to share, comment and “like” these posts to further promote this effort by CPA’s Marketing Committee. See Rambling Renovators

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