Safety Awards

Annual Safety Awards

CPA traditionally recognizes Safety Award Recipients during the Chairman’s dinner during the Annual Spring Meeting.  Awards are given to participating manufacturing plants with exemplary safety records, including long-term, annual, safety improvement, and safety achievement acknowledgments. Plants are categorized by low-worker hours (Class I) and high-worker hours (Class II) for each award.

Safety Innovation Awards

The Production-Technical Committee’s Safety Subcommittee implemented the Safety Innovation Award to recognize proactive safety initiatives that have been implemented by a member mill or company. This award is in addition to the longstanding CPA Safety Program recognizing mill safety performance for the year.  

The Safety Innovation Award is for an idea that is deemed to have made the biggest positive impact on safety in a member company or facility.  The recipient is recognized as a part of the larger safety recognition program typically at the CPA Spring Meeting, and by practice, all submissions are shared with members so ideas may be freely considered and potentially implemented by other facilities. For more information, contact Connie Klinkam.

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