Q1 TFL Shipments Down 6.6% From Last Year

March TFL shipments were 121 MMSF, decreasing 11% from the comparable month in 2022, but 6.5% higher than February. Canadian shipments fell 22%, and U.S. TFL totals declined 2.4% from March 2022.

First-quarter shipments were down 6.6% to 352 MMSF compared to 377 MMSF for the same period in 2022. Quarterly U.S. shipments grew 0.2%, while Canadian shipments dropped 15.3% over the comparable three months last year.

The quarterly TFL Monthly Shipments Report also includes data on shipments by substrate, country of origin, two-sided lamination and print pattern and color applications. The report is published monthly and is available to members on CPA’s website. See TFL Shipments Reports. More Info: Lori Thoden

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