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Hardboard is used in a variety of applications including furniture components, wall paneling, moulded door skins, underlayment and perforated boards.

Hardboard & Hardboard Sheets Manufacturer

Hardboard panels and hardboard sheets is a composite panel manufactured primarily from inter-felted ligno-cellulosic fibers consolidated under heat and pressure. Other materials may be added during the manufacturing process to improve certain properties, such as resistance to abrasion and moisture, and to increase strength and durability.

hardboard composite panels_decorative surfacesBecause hardboard is a type of unfinished composite panel made from residual wood fiber, such as chips and shavings, it is carefully value engineered for each application. This results in product solutions which are substantially less expensive than alternatives.  Hardboard has a uniform thickness, density and appearance and has no grain. It resists marring, scuffing and abrasion, as well as changes in temperature and humidity. Hardboard sheets can be cut, routed, shaped and drilled with standard woodworking tools. In addition, hardboard can be securely glued or fastened with screws, staples or nails. Hardboard panels can be laminated with paper overlays, plastic laminates and veneers.


hardboard sheets_decorative surfaces          hardboard panels decorative surface

Usually relegated to the background (left), hardboard can also be showcased. This trendy bar features walls and a bar made of hardboard edged in brass (right)

Common Uses for Hardboard Sheets

  • Prefinished Paneling
  • Perforated Board
  • Underlayment
  • Office and Residential Furniture
  • Door Skins

Product Standards and Certification

The American National Standard for Basic Hardboard (ANSI A135.4) is the North American industry standard. It classifies hardboard by thickness and physical properties, and includes five classes: Tempered, Standard, Service-Tempered, Service and Industrialite.

The American National Standard for Prefinished Hardboard Paneling (ANSI A135.5) establishes the property requirements for dimensional tolerances and moisture content, along with resistance to abrasion, fading, heat, humidity, scrape, steam and stain. Requirements for washability, gloss, workmanship and flame spread are also specified.

Recommended Reading

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  • Basic Hardboard Products Technical Bulletin [PDF]
  • Maintenance Tips for Engineered Wood Siding Technical Bulletin [PDF]


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