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Decorative surfaces offer the high levels of attractiveness, durability and functionality that retail environments demand.



Decorative Surfaces in Retail Environments

Retail environments are demanding. High traffic levels, changes in weather and humidity, and constant impact take their toll on surface materials. Even high pressure laminate (HPL), the undisputed durability leader in horizontal surfacing, can show the effects of continual abuse. Many other materials have entered the market with performance characteristics rivaling HPL. Specifiers, however, should remember that vertical surfacing seldom takes as much abuse as horizontal surfacing. They should look to the wide range of matching programs—which include HPL, thermally fused laminate (TFL), three-dimensional laminate (3DL), foils and other paper laminates—as they value-engineer solutions.


Decorative Surface Solutions

Design Sustainably

Find out what makes North American composite wood panels among the greenest building materials available.

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Decorative Surface


Find the Perfect
Decorative Surface

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