Healthcare Solutions

Decorative surfaces offer the high levels of attractiveness, durability, and functionality that healthcare environments demand.


Decorative Surfaces in Healthcare

Healthcare environments are ever-changing design spaces. Warm and inviting common areas put visitors at ease. Comfort is essential in therapeutic settings for patients, while functional and effective work areas are also critical. Panel processing is a great way to mass-produce surfaces for many rooms while allowing for a level of customization. Materials that are well-suited for these spaces include three-dimensional laminate (3DL) and surfaces that incorporate antimicrobial silver ion technology. Keeping everything clean is essential for healing while making the space beautiful is important for a satisfactory patient experience.


Decorative Surface Solutions

Design Sustainably

Find out what makes North American composite wood panels among the greenest building materials available.

Find the Perfect
Decorative Surface


Find the Perfect
Decorative Surface

Browse our annual guide, which provides the most comprehensive product information about North American composite panels and decorative surfacing products, or use our product finder to locate a manufacturer perfect for your unique needs and applications.

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