Canada Initiates Antidumping Investigation on Chinese Decorative Plywood

Canada has initiated an antidumping and countervailing duty investigation into imported Chinese decorative plywood. The investigation is based on a complaint filed by the Canadian Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (CHPVA) and several of its member companies, which alleges that Chinese decorative plywood has been illegally dumped and subsidized, causing injury to Canadian companies and workers.  The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) will undertake the investigation and is expected to reach an initial determination by September 9, 2020, at which time preliminary duties would apply.  The CBSA is expected to make its final determination on December 8, 2020.  At that time, should the Canadian International Trade Tribunal find these imports have caused injury, duties will apply for an initial period of five years.  See CHPVA Announcement and CBSA Investigation Timeline.  More Info: Jackson Morrill  



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