EPA Extends Self-Identification Deadline for TSCA Fees

EPA issued a press release last week extending the comment and self-identification period for stakeholders subject to fees associated with EPA TSCA risk evaluations from May 27 to June 15, 2020.  As was previously reported in @the edge, EPA has made significant clarifications to the list of responsible stakeholders, most notably announcing a new rulemaking process that will be finalized in 2021 and exempting from TSCA’s self-identification requirement stakeholders that:

  • Import the chemical substance in an article;

  • Produce the chemical substance as a byproduct; and

  • Produce or import the chemical substance as an impurity.

EPA has simultaneously issued a “No Action Assurance” for the above three stakeholder categories, which essentially removes the self-identification requirement until the amendments are finalized in 2021.  As CPA noted in prior @the edge articles, members that fall into the three categories under the No Action Assurance may still have a limited duty to report on the EPA’s CDX system.  See EPA Extension Letter.  More Info: Jackson Morrill 


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