U.S. Home Renovation Projects Continuing Amid COVID-19

Nearly 52% of homeowners already undergoing home renovation projects before the COVID-19 pandemic were able to continue them, according to a recent survey of 1,000 homeowners by Houzz.  Only 1% canceled the home improvement project. Of those who paused projects, 40% reported that the project was not urgent, while 38% cited safety or health concerns.

Though the construction industry was deemed essential, local ordinances affected 27% of projects. Projects in the South and West were the least affected, with 64% and 56% continuing, respectively.  The Northeast region was affected the most significantly, with only 37% of projects continuing. Home office and master bedroom projects were the least likely to be put on hold, and 79% of homeowners reported that the quarantine had inspired additional projects for the future to make homes more enjoyable. See Houzz


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