EPA Releases TSCA Risk Analysis Scoping Document for Formaldehyde

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued today the draft scoping document for the TSCA Risk Analysis of formaldehyde.  Composite wood products “in panel form only” are excluded from the regulation because, as EPA indicates, these products are already regulated under the Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products final rule.  EPA goes on, however, to provide that “other non-TSCA Title VI regulated ‘composite,’ ‘engineered,’ or ‘pressed’ wood products will be included in the scope of this evaluation.” 

CPA is currently analyzing the scope and nature of the exemption language and will provide additional information in the near future. CPA understands that EPA will provide for a 45-day comment period running from the date of publication in the federal register, which is expected next week.  CPA will examine the document closely to determine next steps, and will reach out to the Federal Wood Industries Coalition (FWIC) to discuss approaches to industry comments. See Draft Scoping Document. More Info: Jackson Morrill



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