ANSI Approves Reaffirmation of Hardboard, Engineered Wood Siding & Trim Standards

CPA is pleased to announce the successful reaffirmation of the following American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards:

  • ANSI A135.4-2012 Basic Hardboard;

  • ANSI A135.5-2012 Prefinished Hardboard Paneling;

  • ANSI A135.6-2012 Engineered Wood Siding; and

  • ANSI A135.7-2012 Engineered Wood Trim Standards. 

Each of the four standards received unanimous approval from respective stakeholder groups, which were comprised of a balance of panel producers, users and general interest companies.  The reaffirmed standards will be identified using “(R2020)” following the ANSI designation. CPA thanks stakeholder participants for contributing significantly to the reaffirmation process.   The Standards are available from CPA’s website at no charge for members. See CPA ANSI Standards. More Info: Gary Heroux



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