EPA Announces Webinar on TSCA Risk Analysis Fees

EPA will host a webinar on February 24 from 12:30-1:00 pm EDT to explain the requirements for self-identification and fee payment for the TSCA formaldehyde risk analysis.  From what EPA has shared previously, importers of articles containing formaldehyde, as well as importers and domestic producers of the chemical, will have responsibility for registration and payment of a share of the $1.35 million fee to complete the risk analysis.  Manufacturers of articles made in the U.S. that contain formaldehyde will not be responsible for fee payments.  EPA has published a preliminary list of manufacturers who may be responsible for the risk analysis fee, which is available online.  The webinar call-in details are below:

Call-in number: (877) 317-0679

Conference ID: 3372249

CPA staff will listen to the webinar and follow up with EPA as needed to ensure all association members are fully informed of related obligations.  See EPA Fees.  More Info: Jackson Morrill



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