EPA Publishes Preliminary List of Responsible Parties for Formaldehyde Risk Analysis

EPA issued today a preliminary list of more than 500 stakeholders responsible for payment of the $1.35 million fees assigned to the completion of the TSCA risk analysis for formaldehyde.  As noted in previous Agency communications, the list includes U.S. manufacturers and importers of formaldehyde, as well as importers of articles “containing” formaldehyde, taken from information submitted under EPA public reporting statutes (e.g., Toxics Release Inventory).  There is also a self-identification requirement for stakeholders that are not on the preliminary list but meet the criteria for reporting. Those who fail to self-identify may be subject to significant penalties.   

Publication in today’s Federal Register initiates a 60-day comment period, ending March 27, 2020, for manufacturers and the public “to correct errors, self-identify as a manufacturer, or certify that they have already exited the market and that they will not resume manufacture (including import) for a period of five years.”  Following the comment period and no later than the date EPA issues the final scope document as part of the formaldehyde risk evaluation, the Agency expects to publish a final list of manufacturers subject to fees. Payment of applicable fees will be due within 120 days following the publication of the final scope of the chemical risk evaluation. 

CPA will contact EPA to better understand the reporting requirements, including the process for signing into the Agency’s central data exchange (CDX) and timing, and share that information with members.  See Federal Register Notice and Preliminary List.  More Info: Jackson Morrill


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