Commerce Affirms Duties for Certain Hardwood Plywood

Last week, the U.S. Department of Commerce affirmed the final antidumping and countervailing duty circumvention rulings for Chinese hardwood plywood products made with face and back veneers of radiata and/or agathis pine that are CARB/TSCA Title VI certified and made with certain resins.  With this determination, Customs and Border Protection will impose duties on future imports and on any unliquidated entries since September 18, 2018, the date Commerce initiated the inquiry.  The applicable cash deposits range from 171.55 to 183.36% for the antidumping orders, and 22.98 to 194.90% for the countervailing duty orders. Importers and exporters of plywood from China with both outer veneers made of a softwood species must certify that they are not radiata or agathis pine to avoid duties.  See Commerce Final Determination



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