CPA Promotes Staff Members Klinkam and Giles

CPA has promoted Lab Director Connie Klinkam to Senior Director, Technical Services with management responsibility for the Grademark Certification and ITCC laboratory programs.  Ms. Klinkam will also serve as the staff lead for CPA’s Safety Subcommittee and support other initiatives under the direction of the Production-Technical Committee.  Additionally, Quality Manager Becca Giles has been promoted to Lab Director assuming day-to-day management of the lab facility and will continue to report directly to Ms. Klinkam.

The significant technical experience of both of these individuals have been a driving force in many notable improvements at the lab.  Ms. Klinkam and Ms. Giles have been instrumental in ensuring the lab remained best in class worldwide through the implementation of TSCA Title VI and expansion of the Grademark program into South America.  Among Ms. Klinkam’s many achievements as Lab Director, one of the most notable was her role in overseeing the transition to the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) derivatization for formaldehyde quantification.  This new test method has allowed for increased sensitivity in results, while also streamlining the time needed to process results, allowing for greater efficiencies in managing workload.  Thanks to excellent management and this new method, the lab was able to complete a record number of emissions tests in 2019 with the same accuracy and precision clients have come to expect from the ITCC. 

These promotions were due in part to the departure of Eamon Monahan, who previously served as CPA’s Senior Director of Product Acceptance and oversaw the lab and Grademark certification programs.  More Info: Jackson Morrill



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