2019 Q4 Houzz Renovation Barometer Results Mixed

Houzz recently released its 2019 Q4 2019 Houzz Renovation Barometer which tracks residential renovation market expectations in the construction and architectural design services industries. The barometer predicts promising expectations for the fourth quarter.

Within the construction sector, the Expected Business Activity indicator rose 4 points from Q3 to 74. This increase was attributed to higher project inquiries, which were up 10 points to 78. The Recent Business Activity Indicator was 5 points higher than Q2 at 63.

The architectural and design services sector saw a 4-point decrease in the Expected Business Activity indicator for Q4, which registered at 67. Expectations for project inquiries and committed projects decreased as well. The Recent Business Activity Indicator fell to 57 in Q3, down 6 points due to a decline in inquiries and committed projects.

The Houzz Renovation Barometer is an online quarterly survey sent to U.S. businesses with a Houzz profile. The Q4 survey garnered responses from more than 2,000 businesses between September 26 and October 9, 2019. See Houzz



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