Interior Designers Predict Color Trends for Next Decade

Sherwin-Williams recently surveyed 265 professional interior designers for the 2019 Designer Panel Survey to gauge thoughts on color trends for the next decade. Designers predicted all white/gray walls, farmhouse accents and trim and accent wall trends would wane in 2020 while new colors would emerge as neutrals. Nearly 62% of designers felt black would now be considered a neutral color, while 44% and 42% respectively felt sage green and navy blue were neutrals.

While gray has been one of the most popular colors over the past 10 years, designers are now reporting that beige and warmer tones will be more popular in the upcoming decade. Other trends include the use of deep, bold colors like hunter green and navy and natural wood tones in furniture, decor and cabinetry. The room that designers say clients are most likely to use bold color is in the powder room, with 33% responding favorably. See Sherwin-Williams



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