Furniture Leaders and Technology Take Center Stage at Fall Meeting/Symposium

The meeting program for the CPA Fall Meeting / Material, Technology & Design Symposium in Denver will feature a strong slate of presenters speaking on a range of important topics. A panel of world leaders in furniture and online retail will discuss the “North American Furniture Industry - Competing in E-Commerce Market.”  Featured panelists include Arash Fasihi, Founder of Cymax and CEO of Growthpipe Advisory; Kevin Sauder, President & CEO of Sauder Woodworking; Mike Evans, President and CEO of Bush Industries; and Michael Pitman, Senior Vice President of Sales at Ashley Furniture.  The discussion will focus on how the North American furniture market is rapidly changing as more customers shop online and explore the implications not only for the furniture industry, but also for composite panel and decorative surfacing suppliers.

Bruce Allum, Director - Sales, Manufacturers/Retailers at 2020 Spaces will discuss how designers and specifiers use technology to design kitchens, bathrooms, closets and commercial environments and share specification trends as they relate to the industry.

FutureHaus is an award-winning technology-forward, modular, prefabricated house that may revolutionize the residential building industry. Professor Joseph Wheeler of the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Design and co-director for the Center for Design Research will share the important role of composite panels in the house and the future prospects for commercialization of FutureHaus and, more broadly, prefabricated construction.

A complete agenda including all speakers will be published next week.  Over 210 attendees are already planning to attend the Denver meeting from October 6-8. A current attendee list, along with hotel and meeting registration, is available online. See CPA Fall Meeting & Symposium. More Info: Allyson O’Sullivan



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