EPA Issues Draft Formaldehyde Dossier for Risk Prioritization

Last week, EPA posted for comment dossiers for 20 proposed high priority candidate substances, including formaldehyde.  This represents the last step in the prioritization stage of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) risk evaluation process.  The dossiers detail EPA’s rationale for selecting the substance as “high priority”, identify potentially exposed or susceptible populations and provide some analysis of hazard and exposure. 

The documents also identify all possible conditions of use publicly reported to EPA through various Agency programs.  The formaldehyde dossier lists as conditions of use a number of broad categories related to wood products. Should EPA classify formaldehyde as a priority chemical, it must still determine whether composite wood products will be included as a condition of use in the final risk analysis.  EPA will make this determination in its Scoping Document, which is expected to be released in March/April of 2020.  CPA is coordinating closely with the ACC’s formaldehyde consortium to analyze the formaldehyde dossier and will work with the Federal Wood Industries Coalition (FWIC) to determine next steps.  Comments must be submitted by November 21, 2019.  See EPA Formaldehyde Dossier.  More Info: Jackson Morrill  


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