2019 CPA Spring Meeting Highlights

The 2019 CPA Spring Meeting held last week in Naples, FL concluded with strong participation and attendance that equaled the totals for the 2018 meeting, an 11-year high.  Presentations are available online and minutes from Committee and Board of Directors meetings will be available next week.  A few notable highlights include:

Board Elects New Leadership

On May 7, the CPA Board elected Steve Carroll of Arauco to the Executive Committee.  Additionally, the Board voted the following committee chairman and vice chairman into office for 2019:

Environmental and Public Affairs Committee

  • Chairman Mark Avery, Timber Products Company

  • Vice Chairman James Hogg, Uniboard Canada

Decorative Surfaces Council

  • Chairman Tammy Polovic, Omnova Solutions

More Info:  Jeannie Ervin

2018 Safety Award Recipients Announced

Last week, CPA recognized its 2018 Safety Award recipients during the Chairman’s Dinner. Awards were given to participating manufacturing plants with exemplary safety records, including acknowledgments for long-term, annual, safety improvement, and safety achievement.  For each award, plants are categorized by low worker-hours (Class I) and high-worker hours (Class II).

The awards for the best long-term safety record over the past three years were given to Arauco North America, Moncure, North Carolina (Class I) and Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Roaring River, North Carolina (Class II).

The annual safety awards for having zero incidents in 2018 were given to Arauco North America, Moncure, North Carolina and Timber Products, Martell, California for Class I plants, and Panolam, Huntsville, Ontario and Louisiana-Pacific, Roaring River, North Carolina for Class II plants.

Two plants recognized for safety improvement were West Fraser Mills, Whitecourt, Alberta (Class I) and Panolam, Huntsville, Ontario (Class II).

Ten plants were recognized for achieving an incident rate of less than 50% of the industry average over the past three years. Class I plants were Arauco North America, Eugene, Oregon; Arauco North America, Moncure, North Carolina; Roseburg, El Dorado Arkansas; Roseburg, Taylorsville, Mississippi and West Fraser Mills, Whitecourt, Alberta. Class II plants were Arauco North America, Malvern, Arkansas; Arauco North America (MDF), Bennettsville, South Carolina; Arauco North America, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario; Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, East River, Nova Scotia and Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Roaring River, North Carolina.

CPA congratulates all companies and personnel whose exceptional records and commitment to safety earned these prestigious awards.  Long-term, annual, safety improvement and safety achievement plaques and banners will be sent directly to these mills later this month.  See 2018 Safety Awards.  More Info:  Eamon Monahan

2018 Safety Innovation Award

Last week, CPA awarded Arauco North America’s Malvern, Arkansas plant with the 2018 Safety Innovation Award. The Safety Innovation Award recognizes a mill that has instituted a new policy, process or technology that has made it a safer place to work. The Malvern plant’s use of the proprietary Hit-Not System is a state-of-the art tool for reducing the risk to pedestrians in the wood yard.

Hit-Not uses low-frequency magnetic fields that can pass through walls and structures. A magnetic field generator is placed on all powered equipment and a personal alarm device is worn by all pedestrians in their high-visibility vest. The personal alarm device receives a signal from the generator on the equipment warning pedestrians and the equipment operators of possible danger. With this system in place, any time a pedestrian enters the wood yard, operators of front-end loader must place their bucket on the ground until the pedestrian leaves the area.

CPA received seven deserving applications for the Innovation Award this year. Applications were anonymized and distributed to the CPA Board of Directors for voting. With the permission of applicant mills, CPA will post summaries of all the safety innovation award submittals with the hope that best practices can be adopted industry wide.

CPA congratulates the staff at Arauco North America’s Malvern facility for prioritizing worker safety and implementing this new technology. Representatives from Arauco are invited to present further details and results on Hit-Not at CPA’s Fall Meeting. More Info:  Eamon Monahan

R.E.D. Foundation Scholarship Winners Announced

The Robert E. Dougherty (RED) Educational Foundation is proud to announce the 2019 scholarship recipients.  On May 7, the Foundation Board approved the Scholarship Committee’s recommendations to award four scholarships to the following recipients:  Rhett Andruko, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; Mason Leblanc, Louisiana State University; David Martineau, University of Laval; and Clifford Pluimer, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

The 2019 Scholarship Committee includes the following CPA members: Tom Lepak, Casey Industrial; Mike Shuey, Collins Products; Wayne Schwerin, Duraplay; Mark Kable, Setzer Forest Products; and Dirk Koltze, Siempelkamp and Greg Welling, Woodgrain Millwork.

The Program received a record total of 33 applications from students enrolled in a forest products, wood science, wood technology, renewable materials, sustainable biomaterials, industrial design, chemistry, mechanical engineering or industrial engineering curriculum.  A list of all applicants, along with contact information, is available online.  Members are encouraged to give these students consideration for summer intern jobs or other employment opportunities. See RED Foundation Scholarship Applicants.  More Info: Gary Heroux

Special Thanks to Spring Meeting Sponsors and Exhibitors

CPA is grateful to the many member companies who supported the 2019 Spring Meeting by sponsoring and exhibiting.  In particular, the association thanks the following sponsors for contributing to a successful meeting:

          Platinum Sponsors



                   Timber Products Company

          Gold Sponsor

                   GP Wood Products

          Silver Sponsors


                   Georgia-Pacific Chemicals


                   Louisiana-Pacific Corporation


          Golf Sponsors


                   Walker Industries


          R.E.D. Champagne Raffle Sponsor


A complete list of sponsors and exhibitors is online. See 2019 CPA Spring Meeting. More Info: Allyson O’Sullivan


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