Updated Particleboard and MDF EPDs Published

CPA is pleased to announce the publication of updated North American industry-wide environmental product declarations (EPDs) for particleboard and MDF.  The EPDs were verified by Underwriters Laboratories Environment (ULe) and are valid for five years, superseding the now outdated versions published in November 2013.  These cradle-to-gate EPDs summarize environmental impacts, such as global warming potential, smog creation, ozone depletion and water pollution, and may help earn credits towards building rating system credits such as LEED v4.  The EPDs are available on both CPA’s website and UL’s web-based database of sustainable products called SPOT™. 

Accompanying the EPDs are Transparency Briefs that summarize each product’s most critical lifecycle-based environmental impact information.  The industry’s EPDs tell the good news story about the environmentally-friendly attributes of particleboard and MDF, providing further evidence in support of CPA’s Strategic Plan initiatives related to sustainability.  See CPA EPDs and UL SPOT database.  More Info: Gary Heroux


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