CPA Comments on CARB Community Air Protection Blueprint

CPA submitted comments this week on California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) draft Community Air Protection Blueprint, which provides a proposed policy and regulatory framework for a new program to “reduce air pollution and improve public health in communities that experience disproportionate burdens from exposure to air pollutants.”  In Appendix F of the Blueprint, CARB lists the Composite Wood Products Air Toxics Control Measure (ATCM) as one of the statewide strategies, tools and resources it may use under the program and indicates it may amend the ATCM to, among other things, “obtain additional emissions reductions.” 

CPA made the following three points in the submitted comments:

  • The ATCM was improperly included in the draft Blueprint because no communities within the state are disproportionately impacted by formaldehyde emissions from regulated composite wood products since all products sold in California must meet the ATCM’s stringent requirements;

  • CARB’s planned amendments have been, and should continue to be, focused primarily on alignment with TSCA Title VI, not emissions; and

  • CARB should place emphasis on ATCM enforcement, not in adjusting the emissions levels under the auspices of the Blueprint.

CARB is planning a public hearing on September 27, which will provide another opportunity for comment.  CPA will continue to follow this closely and engage where appropriate.  See CPA Comments.  More info: Jackson Morrill 


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