President Trump Signs Memo Calling for Air Permitting Reforms

On April 12, President Trump signed a memorandum calling on EPA to take specific actions “to ensure efficient and cost-effective implementation of the NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] program.”  There are several specific directives in the memo related to EPA’s implementation of the NAAQS program that are relevant to the composite panel industry, including

  • Timely processing of permitting decisions, such as state implementation plans and preconstruction permit applications;

  • Actions to ensure monitoring and modeling data is used appropriately in designations, permitting decisions and demonstrations;

  • Providing states with greater flexibility with offsets;

  • Refinements to the NAAQS review process to ensure more transparency and better science-based decision-making;

  • Timely issuance of implementing regulations and guidance; and

  • Review of EPA’s rules associated with implementation of the NAAQS to determine if any revisions or rescissions should be made to ensure timelier permitting decisions. 

Several of these directives are in line with CPA’s comments submitted early last year to both the Commerce Department and EPA regarding regulatory reforms to air permitting.  See Presidential Memo.  More Info: Jackson Morrill


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