CARB Issues TSCA Title VI/ATCM Update and Comparison Table

Last week, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a notice to stakeholders following the U.S. District Court ruling on updated compliance dates for EPA’s TSCA Title VI.  CARB informed stakeholders that EPA’s compliance date for emission certification and labeling begins June 1, 2018 and that CARB-compliant products will be considered compliant under EPA TSCA Title VI until March 22, 2019.   The notice also includes a reminder that the CARB Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) 93120 remains fully in effect, and that wherever the CARB and EPA regulations differ, stakeholders must comply with the more stringent of the requirements.

CARB also issued a comparison table highlighting the differences between the CARB and EPA regulations.  The table provides information on effective dates, emissions levels, product labeling including de minimis labeling requirements, requirements for fabricators of wood-veneered laminated products, third party certifier requirements, exemption from third party certification, and several panel producer quality control requirements.  See CARB, CARB Update, CARB Comparison Table.  More Info: Gary Heroux


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