CPA Submits Letter on CA DTSC Work Plan

On March 9, CPA submitted on behalf of 15 trade associations a letter to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) calling for the removal of composite wood products from the proposed draft Priority Product Work Plan (2018- 2020).  The letter urges DTSC to remove composite wood products because the authorizing statute for the Safer Consumer Products program clearly requires DTSC to avoid regulatory duplication and formaldehyde emissions have been regulated by CARB dating back to 2008.  It also notes that CARB, and now TSCA Title VI on a national level, fulfill the exposure reduction mission of the Safer Consumer Products regulation.

While DTSC has made it clear in the past that a reference in the Work Plan does not indicate that the agency will regulate those products, it is important to continue to reinforce the fact that CARB and TSCA Title VI have comprehensively addressed formaldehyde emissions and there is no need for further action.  CPA will continue to follow this closely and update members on new developments.  See Coalition Comments and Work Plan.  More Info: Jackson Morrill


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