CPA Seeks Stakeholders for ANSI Hardboard and EWST Standards Reaffirmation

CPA, the sponsoring organization for the ANSI A135.4-2012 Basic Hardboard, ANSI A135.5-2012 Prefinished Hardboard Paneling, ANSI A135.6-2012 Engineered Wood Siding, and ANSI A135.7-2012 Engineered Wood Trim Standards, has begun the process to republish these Standards.  These Standards were last approved by ANSI in 2012 and must be revisited on a periodic basis. 

On February 23, CPA submitted a request through ANSI to sponsor a reaffirmation, which is simply republishing a standard with no revisions or changes to references.   CPA uses ANSI Essential Requirements procedures for developing consensus standards requiring a balance of producers, users and general interest to participate in the process. CPA is now seeking interested organizations to join the stakeholder voting body.  Please contact CPA by April 5 to participate. More Info: Gary Heroux


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