EPA Issues Final Rule for Small Chamber Correlations

In today’s Federal Register, EPA published the final rule amending TSCA Title VI Section 770.20(d)(2)(i) to clarify that EPA will allow correlations to be done either by the ASTM E-1333-14 large chamber test method, or upon a showing of equivalence, the ASTM D6007-14 small chamber test method. The final rule also updates multiple references to outdated consensus standards, as was done in the earlier proposed rule. The rule becomes effective today as part of the TSCA Title VI regulation.   

With this amendment in place, mills that have relied on small chamber tests for their correlations will now be able to seek third-party certification and begin producing to the standard under the EPA’s early labeling provisions. For those mills that have questions, please contact Ed Deomano or Gary Heroux. See Final Rule. More info: Jackson Morrill


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