EPA to Withdraw Direct Final Rule on Small Chamber Correlations

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice in the Federal Register that it is withdrawing the direct final rule that would allow for quality control test correlations to be developed using the ASTM D-6007-14 test, upon a showing of equivalence with ASTM E1333-14.  EPA is taking this action due to the receipt of what it deems to be a negative comment on the direct final rule.  EPA had simultaneously issued a proposed rule on October 25 in the event the Agency received a negative comment.  EPA has shared that it will now review all submitted comments and move expeditiously to publish a final rule.  CPA will continue to track this closely and inform members the moment EPA takes action on a final rule.  See Withdrawal Notice-Federal Register and Proposed Rule.  More Info: Jackson Morrill


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