ACC and UNC Collaborate to Sponsor Formaldehyde Workshop

Last month, the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Formaldehyde Panel collaborated with the University of North Carolina (UNC) to sponsor a workshop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on formaldehyde science.  The workshop was co-chaired by renowned toxicologist Dr. James Swenberg of UNC and renowned epidemiologist Dr. Kenneth Mundt of Ramboll Environ.  The discussions centered on topics such as safe thresholds for formaldehyde exposures, potential for causality with cancer and identifying approaches and perspectives for improved integration of available formaldehyde science in risk evaluation.   

Attendance during the invited experts’ workshop included representatives from state and federal agencies, academia, as well as independent and industry scientists. Attendee expertise included epidemiology, toxicology, science integration and risk evaluation. A manuscript highlighting the notable discussion topics and key takeaways will be developed and submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.  Importantly, such a publication could then be shared with regulators to inform ongoing reviews of formaldehyde, including among others, the EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Risk Assessment and Oregon Ambient Benchmark Concentrations. More Info: Jackson Morrill


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