CPA Participates in Health Canada Workshop on Formaldehyde Regulation

On September 6, Health Canada hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop on “regulations respecting formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products.”  CPA was well represented, with participation from all seven Canadian panel producing companies and one resin supplier.  Jackson Morrill and Donald Bisson also attended on behalf of CPA, along with the association’s consultants from Impact Public Affairs.  Additional attendees were from the wood products industry, NGOs and end users. 

Health Canada’s overview presentation included a timeline that projected the initial draft regulation to be issued for comment in the Fall of 2018.  Stakeholders were given the opportunity to provide input on key issues or concerns, and to respond to specific questions raised by Health Canada.  There was significant consensus among all participants that the agency must very closely align with TSCA Title VI.  Participants also emphasized the need for strong enforcement mechanisms to ensure a level playing field.  A number of stakeholders also encouraged Health Canada to expedite the rulemaking process to better align with the new TSCA Title VI compliance date of December 12, 2018.  See Health Canada Presentation.  More Info: Jackson Morrill and Donald Bisson 


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