Canadian Executives Concerned about U.S.-Canada Trade under Trump

Nearly 90% of Canada’s corporate executives were worried about “the current implications of politics on trade and trade agreements,” according to a second quarter C-Suite survey conducted by the Gandalf Group.  U.S. President Trump and his administration were ranked the lowest in the survey, with only 3% believing the administration was doing well, and nearly three-quarters believing that the team was not effective.  Seventy-four percent of those surveyed believe that significant changes in trade deals are coming compared to 60% in the first quarter.

The C-Suite Survey is conducted quarterly by the Gandalf Group, commissioned by Business News Network and The Globe and Mail, Report on Business. The survey seeks the opinions of chief executive, chief financial, and chief operating officer’s in Canada’s largest companies regarding pertinent business issues and public policy. See The Globe and Mail and The Gandalf Group


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