CPA Testifies at EPA TSCA Title VI Hearing

CPA testified on May 1 at an EPA public hearing held to solicit input on regulations promulgated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), including the formaldehyde emissions in composite wood regulation known as TSCA Title VI.  The hearing was intended to implement President Trump’s Executive Order 13777, which calls on all federal agencies to evaluate existing regulations and to identify those that should be “repealed, replaced or modified” because they are too burdensome. 

CPA consultant Brock Landry provided testimony in support of TSCA Title VI, but noted that there were three issues that EPA should address in an expedited rulemaking as soon as possible:

1.  Remove the prohibition on truthful, voluntary labeling prior to the compliance date;

2.  Extend the compliance date by approximately four months to account for the time lost due to the extension of the effective date; and

3.  Update citations to product and testing standards referenced in the regulation so they reflect the latest versions.

CPA will also submit written comments to the docket that reflect Brock’s testimony by EPA’s May 15 deadline.  See EPA Announcement.  More Info: Jackson Morrill


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