Canadian Parliament Passes Motion Calling for Formaldehyde Regulation Aligned with TSCA Title VI

On May 4, Canada’s Parliament passed Motion M-102, which calls for the adoption of national regulations on formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products that are aligned with the EPA’s TSCA Title VI.  The motion, sponsored by MP Rémi Massé (Sayabec), passed unanimously by all five parties with a vote of 283-0.  Aware of the political support for such a regulation even before this vote, Health Canada issued a notice in the Canada Gazette on March 18 that it will develop formaldehyde regulations through a stakeholder process. The process that will run through June includes stakeholder surveys, a hearing and written comment opportunity.  The draft regulation is intended to be published in early 2018 through the Canada Gazette, Part I.  CPA has been, and will continue to be, actively engaged throughout this rulemaking process. See Parliament Motion and Canadian Forest Industries.  More Info: Donald Bisson


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