CPA Submits Comments on Permitting and Regulatory Reforms

Last week, CPA submitted comments in response to an information request from the Commerce Department on the impact of Federal permitting requirements on the construction and expansion of domestic manufacturing facilities and on regulations that adversely impact domestic manufacturers.  The comments focused primarily on permitting and regulatory bottlenecks related to air quality regulatory programs.  CPA also commented on its support for the finalized EPA formaldehyde regulation, but noted that changes to a labeling prohibition were necessary to allow for truthful, voluntary labeling prior to the December 12, 2017 compliance date.  Finally, CPA also made the case for policy reforms and infrastructure investments to improve trucking capabilities that would make transport more cost effective in the U.S.  Over the coming months, CPA will work independently and with other trade groups to begin pushing for the reforms outlined in the comments.  See CPA Comments.  More Info: Jackson Morrill  


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