Timber Innovation Act Reintroduced in Congress

On March 6, both the U.S. House and Senate reintroduced the Timber Innovation Act (TIA), opening up the opportunity once again to pass legislation that advances at a national level the construction of tall wood buildings.  Specifically, the bills call for:

  • A research and development program to advance tall wood building construction in the U.S.;

  • Authorization for a Tall Wood Building Prize competition through the U.S.  Department of Agriculture;

  • Establishment of a Forest Service Wood Innovation Grant program that supports state-level education and outreach to local architects and builders to accelerate the use of wood in tall buildings; and

  • Develop an incentive program for retrofitting existing buildings with mass timber in areas with high unemployment rates.

While clearly intended to promote greater use of structural wood products, CPA has signed on to support the bill given the potential for promoting the overall acceptance of wood for use in buildings.  CPA will continue to track this bill through Congress and periodically report back to members on its status. See Timber Innovation Website


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