EPA Begins Webinar Series on Formaldehyde Regulation

With the December 12 release of the final version of the Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products regulation, EPA has begun a series of webinars for various stakeholder groups.  This week CPA staff attended the agency’s webinars for Accreditation Bodies (ABs) and Third-Party Certifiers (TPCs).  These webinars were narrowly focused on data entry and no questions outside the scope of the EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) were addressed.

The first webinar, held on December 13, focused on how ABs submit applications and other requirements via EPA’s CDX.  The second webinar for TPCs, held on December 14, presented information on how to use the CDX when applying as a TPC.  EPA staff stated that these AB and TPC-specific webinars will be repeated early next year.  EPA also announced that webinars will be offered for additional stakeholder groups (i.e., panel producers, fabricators, distributors, retailers, and importers) in early 2017.  As soon as additional webinars are announced, CPA will provide registration information to members.  See EPA Webinars.  More Info: Ed Deomano


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