EPA Announces New Formaldehyde Regulation Webinars

Despite not having published the final formaldehyde emissions rule in the Federal Register, EPA recently announced three webinars planned for December suggesting that the rule’s publication is imminent.  The first webinars, targeted for Accreditation Bodies (ABs) and Third-Party Certifiers (TPCs), are scheduled for the following dates: 

  • December 13:  AB Specific Webinar on CDX

  • December 14:  TPC Specific Webinar on CDX

  • December 20:  AB and TPC Specific Webinar on the Final Rule

The webinars will include information on how to use the EPA’s Central Data Exchange platform to submit applications and reports and other specific elements of the TSCA Title VI final rule.  The EPA is planning additional webinars on these same topics as well as other areas of interest to each additional regulated entity (i.e., panel producers, fabricators, retailers, importers, distributors, etc.).  CPA will share additional webinar details with members as they become available.  More info: Gary Heroux


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