Accsys Technologies PLC is an intellectual property and chemical technology group focused on the transformation of wood through acetylation.  The Group owns the proprietary rights for the production of two market leading products, Accoya® wood and Tricoya® wood elements, both manufactured using Accsys’ proprietary acetylation processes.  The products are distributed into building industries worldwide.

Tricoya® offer compelling performance and environmental advantages in regards to:
•    Sustainability
•    Carbon negativity
•    Enhanced durability
•    Strength
•    Dimensional stability
•    FSC®  certified

Tricoya® is EUTR compliant and is produced from fast-growing, well managed, sustainable sources.  With the superior durability and stability afforded by Tricoya® wood elements (wood chips, particles, fibres), wood-based panels such as MDF manufactured using Tricoya® have a considerably longer lifespan than unmodified wood-based panel products which leads to lower maintenance frequency.