For over 40 years, CanExelTM has proven itself. Often imitated and renewable, this high-density wood fiber siding is one of the most popular choices among contractors.

A siding made in Canada by Canadians in East River, Nova Scotia.

Maibec CanExelTM offers a range of planks: the classic Ridgewood D-5TM, the Ced’R-VueTM and the UltraPlankTM:

• Deeply textured, signature wood grain;

• Horizontal or vertical installation depending on model selected;

• Inventor of the innovative and patent pending installation system for a striking appearance;

• Proven durability in north American harsh weather


Engineered Wood Siding & Trim

Engineered Wood Siding & Trim

Manufacturing Facilities

  • East River, NS
    • Certified Products - EWST