Manufacturing Institute Report Examines Manufacturing Employment Challenges

The Manufacturing Institute, a division of the National Association of Manufacturers, commissioned Deloitte to do an analysis of the state of the manufacturing workforce as a follow-up to a similar 2018 study.  The new analysis found some similar conclusions to those from 2018, including a widening gap between the available manufacturing positions and the availability of skilled workers.  It notes that there continues to be a significant number of unfilled positions, greater than 500,000 in 2021, a figure that is slated to increase substantially by 2030.  A notable difference from 2018 is the effort now required by employers to get prospective employees to even consider a position, as fewer skilled individuals are even available in the marketplace.  The report highlights how the necessary skill sets have changed and will continue over the coming decades.  This transformation is outpacing institutions that train the future workforce.  The report concludes with an overview of common manufacturing employment challenges and potential solutions.  See Deloitte

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