Interior Room Renovations Popular Despite Home Age

Houzz’s “2022 Renovations by Home Age Study” revealed renovating interior rooms were the most popular projects regardless of home age. The survey sample consisted of 67,554 respondents who renovated primary residences in 2021. The four home age categories  were 1960 or earlier (25% of respondents), 1961-1980 (21% of respondents), 1981-2000 (29% of respondents) and 2001 or later (25% of respondents). Across all categories, interior room upgrades were the top projects for homeowners, with kitchens and bathrooms leading the renovated spaces, followed by living/family rooms and bedrooms.  Interior room projects across all categories spent a median of $20,000 with the top 10% investing $90,000 or more on renovations. See 2022 Houzz Renovations by Home Age

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