Healthcare Industry Interior Design Insights

Interior Design magazine recently reported on the changing needs of the healthcare industry through its Healthcare Giants survey of the largest interior design firms focused on this sector.  According to survey respondents, there were 5,500 skilled-care and single-care facilities projects in 2022, a 73% increase from 2019. Acute-hospital design jobs resulted in 50% of 2022’s $698 million fees, while the healthcare industry’s furniture, fixtures, and construction products income reached $17.8 billion, surpassing 2019’s $14.6 billion.

The Healthcare Giants survey predicts a decrease in fee and product income for 2023; however, the southwest, southeast and northeast regions are expected to grow 57%, 55% and 53%, respectively, by 2025.

Interior Design magazine’s Giantsare comprised of the largest firms ranked by interior design fees over 12 months. To be recognized, firms must have a location in North America and at least 25% of design fees and income must be generated from the region.  The selected Giants provide information from surveys specific to the industry outlined and conducted by a third party.  See Interior Design Magazine

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