Health Canada Releases Composite Wood Products Formaldehyde Rule Guidance

On August 12, Health Canada released guidance addressing its formaldehyde rule for composite wood products that was finalized in July 2021.  The guidance had been under development for many months and was intended to clarify aspects of the rule before it becomes effective on January 7, 2023. Unfortunately, the guidance falls short of clearing up confusion on several matters and creates issues on others.

CPA has prepared correspondence to Health Canada identifying these ambiguities and inconsistencies and provided specific recommendations on how to resolve them.  The letter, which includes a request to meet with Health Canada next week, was reviewed by CPA’s Environmental and Public Affairs Committee (EPAC) prior to sending today.

Health Canada has agreed to participate virtually in the EPAC meeting on September 12.  See Health Canada Guidance.  More Info:  Andy O’Hare

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