From the President’s Desk

As I finish out my second week with CPA, I have received a thorough overview of CPA’s programs and services and am very impressed by what I’ve learned and by the engagement of staff and members.

During this unique time where face-to-face interactions are prohibited, I plan to use this newsletter to provide regular briefings that reflect my leadership style of transparency and openness.  I’d like to begin with a highlight of this week which was a conference call with CPA’s Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is a highly engaged group of members that are doing an amazing job ensuring that the association continues to be well-positioned to weather the current storm.  During the call, we heard very good news that the industry is beginning to slowly recover, and that the financial health of the association remains sound.  The Committee was also briefed on the slate of nominees for the association’s leadership in 2021 and plans for the upcoming virtual Fall Meeting.

Finally, CPA Chairman Pat Aldred of GP Wood Products concluded the meeting by thanking Jackson Morrill for his considerable efforts on behalf of the association during his tenure as President and wished him well in his new role at the American Wood Council.

I look forward to providing you with additional updates as I work through my 100-day onboarding plan. Until my next briefing, stay well!

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