EPA Formaldehyde Risk Analysis Scoping Document and Final Fees List Released

EPA published today in the Federal Register two separate but related notices addressing the formaldehyde risk assessment under the Toxic Substances Control Act.  The first notice announces the completion of the final risk assessment scoping document for formaldehyde, along with 19 other chemicals.  The second notice finalizes the list of those companies that will be required to fund the completion of the formaldehyde risk assessment.

Composite panels subject to TSCA Title VI requirements are excluded from the scope of the risk assessment, as noted on pages 54 and 55 of the scoping document.  CPA will do a deep dive into the scoping document over the next few days and will issue a Special Edition of @the edge next week explaining its implications for the formaldehyde risk assessment and next steps. See EPA Final Formaldehyde Scoping DocumentFederal Register Notice on Scoping Document and EPA Final List of Fees.

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